Waste wire crushing, sorting and recycling equipment

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The copper rice machine refers to the waste wire shredder that does not need to add water during the sorting process. This kind of copper rice machine mainly adopts more environmentally friendly methods such as air-flow sorting machine, or air shaker or electrostatic sorting. For processing all kinds of cables below Φ20mm, such as automobile cables, communication cables, and various miscellaneous cables that the stripping machine is not suitable for processing, the copper output rate can reach 98%.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Dry crushing and pulverization are adopted, so that raw materials such as waste cables and waste wires are crushed and crushed into non-metallic mixtures such as metals and plastics, and then the metal and plastics and other non-metallic mixtures are separated through a high-voltage electrostatic separator.

The crushing adopts a multi-machine combination structure to feed materials at one time and complete it with multiple machines, equipped with automatic conveying, sound insulation technology, cooling system, etc., to achieve the separation and recycling of metals and plastics. The equipment has the characteristics of low noise, large output, strong reliability and so on. The copper in the cable processed by the dry copper metering machine can maintain the original copper quality, and can also recycle plastics, which can produce greater economic benefits.


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