Working principle and characteristics of aluminum-plastic separator

Time:2023-05-01 16:19:00 Author:Suny Group

The aluminum-plastic separator is a recycling equipment for recycling resources, which can recycle the waste aluminum-plastic material and separate the aluminum and plastic to achieve the purpose of recycling. Its working principle and equipment characteristics are described below.

Aluminum plastic separator equipment

Aluminum plastic separator equipment

SUNY GROUP aluminum-plastic separator working principle: aluminum-plastic separator uses mechanical physical method to crush and pulverize aluminum-plastic materials such as waste aluminum-plastic bags into powder, and then use the closed electromagnetic field in the high-voltage electrostatic sorter for sorting according to the conductivity characteristics of aluminum and plastic.

High-voltage electrostatic sorter generates electrostatic discharge to the connecting roller at the same time, the aluminum and plastic materials to be sorted will be dropped to the top of the rotating roller through the feeding device, the conductor plastic materials will be adsorbed on the surface of the rotating roller after being charged, with the roller turned to the back of the brush sweep down to the conductor receiving hopper; non-conductor aluminum metal materials after being charged, due to its poor electrical conductivity, with the inertia of the rotating roller, was thrown out to the waste conductor receiving hopper The aluminum and plastic are separated and sorted out with a purity of 99%.

SUNY GROUP's aluminum-plastic separators can be configured according to customers' production requirements, and can be configured with different specifications of electrostatic separators to help customers improve production efficiency and increase the purity of aluminum-plastic sorting. So what are the characteristics of the aluminum-plastic separator?

Aluminum-plastic separator features:

1. the entire process of aluminum-plastic separator completely dry physical separation, no waste water, exhaust gas and other pollution generation, environmental protection and pollution-free.

2. the entire digital control system of the equipment, a high degree of automation, simple operation, saving labor input costs.

3. The aluminum-plastic separator adopts negative pressure feeding and pulse dust removal to improve the efficiency of the material, no dust leakage, environmental protection standards.

4. The aluminum-plastic separator can be equipped with circulating water cooling device or air cooling device to avoid the high temperature melting and coking of aluminum-plastic materials during the grinding process and improve the purity of aluminum-plastic sorting.


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