Environmentally friendly waste lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment

Time:2022-05-20 15:54:21 Author:Suny Group

SUNY GROUP innovatively produces waste lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment, lithium battery crushing equipment, and lithium battery crushing equipment. In terms of the separation and treatment technology of waste lithium batteries, SUNY GROUP Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a technology and patent reserve in the recycling and utilization of waste lithium batteries. It is a multi- and strong enterprise with more than 10 patents in this segment. In the early stage of development, the company's technical patents were mostly related to the dismantling and pretreatment of used batteries, and then the core of its technological innovation was the separation of metal materials. In the past one or two years, the R&D core of the company has cooperated with its business strategy of expanding into the industrial chain, and has had new patent applications in the recovery device, the refined separation and recovery of lithium battery equipment metal materials, and the treatment and resource reuse of other emerging batteries.

Lithium Battery recycling plant

SUNY GROUP Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed this set of lithium-ion battery metal separation equipment based on market prospects and environmental protection investment to solve the current problem of waste lithium battery treatment and separation. The waste lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment is a large-scale mechanical equipment to solve the waste lithium battery recycling. It can be said that the waste lithium battery promotes its existence. Transform the gorgeousness of metals in used lithium batteries into renewable raw materials. The waste lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment production line solves the recycling and recycling of soft-pack ternary lithium batteries, square ternary lithium batteries, cylindrical soft-pack lithium batteries, cylindrical hard-shell lithium batteries, and manganate button lithium batteries, and solves most of the problems. Waste lithium batteries are recycled and reused. To a certain extent, it can reduce the pressure on environmental protection, and at the same time increase the economic income of recycling resource practitioners, serving multiple purposes. SUNY GROUP Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been engaged in environmental protection for many years. It has mature technology and a complete service system. Users who cooperate with us provide high-quality after-sales service, and provide support in technology, maintenance, training, project solutions, and operations. If you have a demand for a production line of waste lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment, you can consult us. We can test the machine to see the effect or visit the cooperative user site to learn about it.

SUNY GROUP Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of environmental protection waste lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment, lithium battery positive and negative electrode crushing and recycling equipment system solutions, and an innovator in the industry. The company's main equipment includes crushing and recycling equipment for soft-pack lithium batteries, crushing and recycling equipment for hard-shell lithium batteries, and crushing and recycling equipment for cylindrical lithium batteries. The system is used for cascade utilization, and after the cascade utilization, the battery will be disassembled and the battery material will be recycled. Through dismantling, crushing, separation, smelting and other treatments, the metals such as nickel, cobalt and lithium in waste batteries are separated. Recycling technology analysis process of lithium iron phosphate battery and sieving after hammer crushing and shear crushing to obtain coarse-grained materials, intermediate-grained materials and fine-grained materials; The metal copper and metal aluminum are separated and separated; the fine-grained materials are separated from the positive electrode active material and carbon particles by flotation; this method can realize the full recovery of aluminum, copper, active materials and graphite in the waste lithium-ion power battery, and fully realize the The waste is reused, energy consumption is reduced, environmental pollution is reduced, and the process is simple, the applicable battery types are wide, and the recovery rate of metals, positive and negative active materials, etc. is high.


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