Main features of automatic high-speed wet tissue machine

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The fully automatic high-speed wet tissue machine adopts international advanced PLC computer programming technology, frequency conversion speed regulation, electronic brake, touch screen interface operation, and multiple functional devices on the machine.

Main features of automatic high-speed wet tissue machine
Portable Wet Wipes Making Machine

Main features of this machine:

1. Horizontal rear paper holder: the raw paper is placed in a straight line, and the paper is fed by a pneumatic double-width belt. Each roll of raw paper has an independent tension adjustment device. Pneumatic loading device.

2. Prompt to continue adding paper tube or stainless steel tube alarm device.

3. It can be added with automatic shutdown function for paper break.

4. The first domestic rewinding technology: the finished product can be tightened first and then loosened during the rewinding process, realizing multiple different tightnesses, and solving the phenomenon that the paper roll and the paper core are loose during long-term storage (using microcomputer control) .

5. Automatic tube change, automatic delivery of finished products, any paper tube or stainless steel tube of φ25-50mm can be adjusted freely within 1 minute. High-speed rewinding is 180-200 m/min, that is, the rewinding is completed every 8-12 seconds and each roll of paper is automatically sent out. (The punching distance is 110mm, the number of knots is set to 200 knots, and the rewinding can be completed within 12 seconds.

6. Automatic trimming, glue spraying and sealing are completed instantly and simultaneously.

7. The finished product is reeled by the upper threading method, and the front and rear jog switches are used to pull the base paper, which makes the operation easier.


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