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What are the recycling equipment for discarded circuit boards?

Time:2020-09-08 12:12 Author:Suny Group

Crushing technology

Electronic waste components are mainly composed of various metals, reinforced resin plates, copper wires attached to them, components, and various metals that are electroplated. They have high hardness and strong toughness, and they need to be cut and broken. Crushing, that is, crushing equipment with shearing effect can achieve a better dissociation effect.

ZY-BRB Circuit Board Recycling Line

Its technical core is: (1) blade shape (geometric shape) and its material; (2) the number of blades; (3) the distance between the two cutter shafts and their speed; (4) drive mode.

3.1 Hydraulic drive technology

The broken shaft of the first two poles is driven by hydraulic pressure, so there will be no overload and blocking during the cutting process. It can be detected online and can be rotated in both directions through the control valve.

Sorting technology

Combined sorting application, to sort out iron parts, non-ferrous metal copper and non-metals of different particle sizes and different stages, which can greatly improve the recycling rate.

3.3 Noise control technology

In order to reduce noise, special design should be adopted at the guard plate and interface of the crushing equipment, and shock-absorbing materials should be installed.

3.4 Dust removal air cooling control technology

In order to cool and remove dust, air jets are set in the blanking side of the two-pole crushing equipment, and air outlets are set in the crushing cavity to loosen the materials to facilitate crushing, cooling and dust removal. The addition of dust removal equipment can effectively collect precious metal powders and is environmentally friendly.

Production line equipment configuration

(1) Belt conveyor: 2; (2) One-stage crusher: 1; (3) Secondary crusher: 1; (4) Magnetic separator: 1; (5) Screw conveyor: 6 sets; (6) Crusher: 1 set; (7) Density sorting machine: 2 sets; (8) Cyclone separator: 2 sets; (9) Self-weight backwash dust collector: 2 sets; (10) Set Dust connection unit: 2 sets.

The production process of this line adopts dry physical crushing and sorting, a completely dry physical system; its technology is advanced, and no new problems, such as environmental pollution, will occur during the production process. No waste gas or sewage is produced, no noise pollution, the main core equipment adopts dust collector, the production noise of the workshop meets the national safety production standard, and the dust passes through the filter system to meet the government discharge standard, safety protection and other technological design.




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