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How should the automatic mask machine parts be maintained daily?

Time:2020-11-10 14:47 Author:Suny Group

How should the automatic mask machine parts be maintained daily? Mask machine parts are an important part of the mask machine. When we use the mask machine, we have to maintain the parts of the mask machine. In fact, there are many maintenance parts for the mask machine. As required, let’s discuss the daily maintenance of mask machine accessories.

Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine 1+1

1. The power supply for the accessories of the automatic mask machine is 220V, 50/60HZ. When 1phase is connected, check whether the power supply voltage is consistent and stable. Only when the power supply is consistent and stable can the power supply be connected. Otherwise, the power system, ultrasonic system and An accident happened!

2. When the fully automatic mask machine is connected to electricity, it must be well grounded at all times to avoid leakage and injury!

3. When the weather is dry or the temperature is low, some parts of the fully automatic mask machine may be electrostatically charged due to the friction of the raw materials, please pay attention to protection!

4. All adjustments and repairs involving electrical and mechanical parts must be assigned to a special person, and non-professionals must not tamper with it! Stop the machine when inserting materials, adjusting parts, inspecting or repairing the machine! The electrical part must be powered off during maintenance!

5. Do not open the electric box and ultrasonic system of the fully automatic mask machine for non-professionals or maintenance personnel!

6. The air pressure of the fully automatic mask machine is required to be around 0.5P—0.6P. Please do not work below or above the air pressure range!

7. During the operation of the fully automatic mask machine, please do not touch the electrical components, such as: ultrasonic electric box, vibrator (with high voltage, please discharge first when disassembling), welding head, etc.!

8. When the fully automatic mask machine is running, please do not touch the moving mechanical parts, blades, scissors parts, cylinders, etc. to avoid accidents!

9. After replacing the accessories of the ultrasonic system, the automatic mask machine must first detect and adjust the ultrasonic frequency before it can be turned on and run! Otherwise, it will cause damage to the ultrasonic system and welding head!

10.Check the tightness of belts and chains once a week. The lubricating oil should be replaced regularly for parts such as chain sprocket!

11. The order of starting up every day is: check the air source and equipment condition, then turn on the main power supply, followed by the ultrasonic system. When shutting down, turn off the ultrasonic system first and then turn off the main power!

12. The reducer of the automatic mask machine needs to be replaced with new lubricant every 1000 hours of operation!

13. When the automatic mask machine is not running for a long time, please apply anti-rust oil to the rust-prone parts!

How should the automatic mask machine parts be maintained daily? The above is the introduction to the daily maintenance of the mask machine parts. Only by correctly mastering the maintenance methods of the mask machine parts can we extend the life of the mask machine.




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