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Used car crushed material sorting equipment-eddy current sorting machine

Time:2021-01-21 11:39 Author:Suny Group

The eddy current separator is mainly used for the separation of various non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum from the crushed chips of industrial solid waste such as electronic waste, waste plastic doors and windows, and waste automobiles.

product description

SUNY GROUP is an environmentally-friendly professional manufacturer of magnetic separation equipment. Eddy current separators are mainly used for the recovery of copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from industrial solid waste such as electronic waste, waste plastic doors and windows, and waste automobiles. Sorting of metals. The PLC control system of SUNY GROUP eddy current sorting machine is a more effective and convenient machine control method than ordinary manual operation. We use PLC programming, which has more convenience in the automation of eddy current sorting machine and saves it. A lot of manual inconvenience.

Waste Radiator Recycling Equipment

Technical features of metal eddy current separator for scrap car crushing and sorting equipment:

1. Advanced design concept, reasonable structure design, and effective use of space location, small footprint, reasonable and compact layout; beautiful appearance design;

2. Continuous one-time automatic sorting of iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials;

3. Using high-performance magnetic steel body, the magnetic degradation can be neglected;

4. The equipment has low power and low energy consumption, and the equipment is economical and economical in operation and use;

5. The equipment runs stably and reliably;

6. Reduce labor intensity, save manpower and time, and increase profit margins;

7. The transmission speed of the conveying system is continuously adjustable;

8. The equipment is easy to operate, use, repair and maintain.

The separation of non-ferrous metal eddy current separators has always become the core part of the equipment. It consists of a permanent magnet roller and a material conveying system (including a material conveyor belt, a conveyor belt drive roller and a geared motor). It has strong adaptability and reliable mechanical structure; it has the characteristics of strong repulsion (adjustable) and high sorting efficiency. SUNY GROUP Eddy Current Metal Separator This equipment is designed using the principle that a conductor can generate an induced current in a high frequency alternating magnetic field. When the machine is working, a high-frequency alternating strong magnetic field is generated on the surface of the sorting roller. When the metal enters the strong magnetic field sorting area, an eddy current is induced inside the metal block. The magnetic field generated by the eddy current is opposite to the original magnetic field. , There is a mutual repulsive force, this repulsive force can throw the metal block forward to achieve the purpose of separation.

The eddy current metal separator is widely used in the separation of conductors and non-conductors of materials with large differences in the density of metallic materials and non-metallic materials in waste. It is mostly used for non-ferrous metals (such as copper) in waste recycling. , Aluminum, etc.) recycling industry, sorting of waste recycling stations, sorting of electronic waste and other industries.




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