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How to reduce the failure rate of mask machines

Time:2021-01-25 16:12 Author:Suny Group

The mask machine is an advanced mechanical control system, which can control the material through PLC programming to complete the machine at one time. In the overall production process, only need to feed the material to complete the operation. This is an automatic production method. It is inevitable that there will be failures in the mask process. How to reduce the failure of the mask machine as much as possible is a countermeasure. The following is an analysis of countermeasures to reduce the failure of the mask machine:

Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine 1+1

First of all, it is necessary to standardize the operation of employees and strictly implement the operating procedures. It is an important condition to ensure the reliability of machinery and equipment and increase the service life. Therefore, the standardized inspection of employee operations is strengthened. In addition, operators are trained to improve professional quality and work level, and reduce or even eliminate equipment failures caused by improper operation of employees.

1. Reasonable maintenance: to ensure timely maintenance, but not excessive maintenance. To achieve targeted maintenance, it is necessary to strengthen spot inspection, spot inspection result analysis, and failure cycle prediction.

2. Effective failure analysis

(1) Understand the structure of the equipment, the functions of parts, and the entire system such as operating methods and maintenance methods.

(2) Observe and record the appearance of the failure carefully, focusing on the parts related to the failure and the surrounding related parts.

(3) Follow up the structure, principle, failure phenomenon, etc. of the equipment, and conduct corresponding analysis and analysis work.

(4) Work out temporary emergency measures for equipment failure based on the analysis results.

(5) Ask the "five whys", seek the real reasons, find long-term countermeasures, that is, preventive countermeasures, to solve the substantive problem of the failure.

In addition, if the mask machine has performance failure due to long-term operation, relevant staff can be invited to repair it. On the one hand, it can maintain the machine and prolong its life. On the other hand, it can protect the mechanical parts from damage, so the maintenance and maintenance of the automatic mask machine Work can reduce many production failures.

When relevant production personnel operate the mask machine, it is inevitable to shut down the mask machine during the off-duty period, and conduct a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of the machine. The debris and garbage on the mask machine can be cleaned with alcohol and detergent, and the mask machine can be checked at the same time. Whether there are errors and wear, you can check the circuit of the mask machine, and regularly maintain the components, electrical boxes and other equipment.

List of failures that may occur during the commissioning or use of the mask machine equipment:

Fault 1. Uneven welding and distortion of the workpiece.


1. Check whether the size of the workpiece is different.

2. Check whether the operating conditions cause deformation of the work

3. Adjust the buffer speed or pressure.

Fault two, the base support is not stable.


1. Improve support points where necessary.

2. The base is redesigned.

3. Replace with a hard base

4. If a large area of ​​bakelite is inclined, it needs to be reinforced.

Fault three, the contact surface of welding head, base and workpiece is not flat.


1. Redesign the energy conservation point to make the height uniform.

2. Adjust the level screw.

3. Strengthen the daily inspection and daily maintenance of cleaning, and establish a reasonable daily cleaning, inspection and maintenance system. Realize the standardization of cleaning and inspection, and standardize the inspection cycle, inspection location, inspection method, and judgment standards. The simple maintenance of screw and nut tightening, replacement of parts, oil replenishment, and oil change is also systematic and institutionalized.




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