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Scrap tire crusher

Time:2021-02-01 11:48 Author:Suny Group

Double shaft shredder equipment: The double shaft shredder equipment produced by the double shaft shredder manufacturer is mainly used to shred and process various large materials, such as: paint buckets, tree roots, sliding doors, logs, plastic buckets, Film, waste cloth, old clothes, woven bags, snakeskin bags, TV cases, refrigerator cases, bicycle racks, motorcycle racks, discarded fuel tanks, rubber products, discarded tires, circuit boards, door panels, discarded wardrobes, discarded tables, etc. The twin-shaft shredder produced by the manufacturer can roughly shred the above waste materials, and the shredded materials can be directly recycled, or they can be recycled and reused after fine processing.

Double Shredder Machine

Double-shaft shredder manufacturer: The double-shaft shredder manufacturer is an old manufacturer of double-shaft shredders. Our double-shaft shredders are inexpensive, simple to operate, convenient to replace parts, low energy consumption, pollution-free, and resistant The grinding is durable, long-lasting, and higher efficiency. Double-shaft shredder manufacturers provide door-to-door repair services. Users and friends don’t need to worry that the double-shaft shredder is broken and no one will repair it. Double-shaft shredder manufacturers provide a complete range of parts for users and friends to choose, and users and friends do not need to find parts by themselves replace. Manufacturers of dual-shaft shredders stand in the position of users' friends and consider users' friends so that users' friends can get better returns.

1. Product introduction

The thickness of the cutter and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials. When crushing hollow materials, a pressing device can be equipped to increase the output. Running at low speed, noise and dust can reach high environmental standards.

2. Scope of application and crushing effect

1. The double-shaft shredder cuts all kinds of waste wood, tree roots, logs, branches, bark, wood scraps, wooden pallets, waste furniture, waste doors and windows, waste wood boards, cardboard, waste plywood, wood boards with nails, Scrap building templates, etc. are shredded into block sheets.

For the same machine type, the output of different materials will be different (such as paper, plastic, wood and metal).

2. The discharge specifications are different, and the tool specifications, quantity and number of claws used are also different, which can be customized according to the actual needs of users.

3. Product maintenance and maintenance

1. After the dual-shaft shredder is turned on, it can be put into production after confirming that it is correct.

2. When the double shaft shredder is put into production, materials should be added evenly to avoid overload or blockage of the equipment.

3. The temperature rise of the bearing of the double-shaft shredder does not exceed 35℃, and the high temperature does not exceed 70℃. If it exceeds 70℃, it should be shut down immediately, find out the reason and eliminate it.

4. Before stopping the machine, the feeding work should be stopped first, and the motor can be turned off after the crushed material in the crushing chamber is completely discharged.

5. During crushing, if the machine stops due to material blockage in the crushing chamber, the motor should be turned off immediately, and the material can be cleaned before restarting.

6. After one end of the hammer plate of the double shaft shredder is worn, the head can be adjusted for use.




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