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The motor dismantling machine is actually a set of environmental protection and energy-saving equipment for recycling. The machine uses a hydraulic cylinder to extract the copper wire from the stator of the waste motor and recycle it. At the same time, the silicon steel sheet is also taken out and recycled. Reuse, make a new motor, so as to achieve the purpose of reuse. It also brings high returns to customers.

Best Electric Motor Scrap Processing Copper Motor Recycling Machine

The 8-claws overall catch the copper equipment and burn it again! Faced with working in a harsh environment, the mood can be imagined. However, these have become a thing of the past. The motor dismantling equipment developed by SUNY GROUP uses a cold processing system to avoid the phenomenon of burning with a hammer. The motor disassembly equipment is a combination of two working platforms, a motor copper cutting machine and a motor copper drawing machine, which can be operated by one or two people at the same time. The copper-pulling setting of the eight-jaw can easily use the hydraulic power to relax the coil inside the motor, and the coil is very complete, reducing the waste of copper. Motor dismantling equipment is based on the innovation of Xinpeng dismantling machinery technicians, adding a new workbench that can pull out large motors, realizing a piece of equipment and diversified operations.

However, the dismantling of used motors is not an easy task. The dismantling machine for used motor stators is an environmentally friendly copper dismantling equipment that came into being. With the policy's strong support for this resource regeneration, many small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to transform in this respect, and their battle is no less than Qingcheng's hometown of copper recycling. The tide is rising, and manufacturers are emerging in endlessly. All kinds of used motor stator dismantling machines have shown their unique advantages. Faced with such a large number of used motor stator dismantling equipment, how to choose?

The copper drawing machine is a kind of electric motor recycling and treatment equipment. By disassembling the used motor stators, the purpose of recycling copper coils and silicon steel sheets is achieved. Among them, these recycled copper coils and silicon steel sheets can also be implemented The secondary recycling can increase the economic benefits of the manufacturer quite well.

This equipment has the highlights of environmental protection, high efficiency and safety. It is a good recycling equipment for manufacturers to recycle the copper coils (enameled wires) and steel sheets of unqualified motors, as well as equipment for recycling scrap metals.

The working principle of the motor rotor dismantling machine: The fixed knife and the movable knife are combined with each other. The fixed knife is S-shaped and fixed on the top of the cutter head. When the material enters the casing, it has the functions of forced feeding and forced crushing.

The movable knife is a vertical head. When the material is torn strongly by the fixed knife, particles close to the screen are formed during the beating process with the rotation of the turntable, and the particles are filtered into the material outlet through the screen.

When the material is discharged, it passes through a dust collector to suck away the patent leather and impurities, so that the shredded metal particles are clean, bright, and reduce pollution. The screen can be developed and customized according to the material and user needs.

The old motor disassembles the copper wire and draws out the copper wire device. The copper wire of the old motor is disassembled and the copper wire is drawn out. The equipment can be adapted to the copper wire of the motor stator of different sizes.

The range of the motor stator of the copper wire drawn by the hydraulic copper wire drawing machine: the 4kw 4-pole hydraulic motor can be used to dismantle various single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motor stators with frame size 80250 (medium type copper wire The machine adopts a 5.5kw 4-pole hydraulic motor, which can be expanded to 315 frame size (that is, the motor stator with an inner diameter of 40cm and an outer diameter of 52cm).

As the name suggests, the motor dismantling machine becomes a motor dismantling device, recycling used motors, and then disassembling the motors.

The internal copper wire is separated from the silicon steel sheet to achieve the process of crushing and decomposition. The equipment to complete this set of work is what we call-a motor disassembly machine.


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