Must know the installation and debugging knowledge of Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Author:Suny Group

Before leaving the factory, each piece of equipment has been tested, and the wiring between the distribution box and each machine has been fully equipped. After the equipment is transported to the customer site, the customer only needs to introduce the prepared power cord of the corresponding line number into the distribution box. Just medium.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

1. Check the Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment:

1. Before starting the equipment, check all the moving parts of the machine to avoid objects falling on the moving parts during transportation.

2. Turn off the power before the inspection, turn the operating parts by hand, and pay attention to whether there is any jamming. If there is a jam, investigate the cause in time.

3. Check whether the bolts of the main components are loose during transportation. If they are found to be loose, they should be tightened immediately.

4. Completely check the equipment and confirm that there is no problem before turning on the power.

5. Turn on a single machine first after power-on, pay attention to observe whether the rotation of the motor is consistent with the rotation of the mark, if there is any inconsistency, cut off the power and adjust the wiring sequence in time. All motors can be started online only after the rotation of the motor is consistent with the logo.

6. When the equipment is started online, it should be no-load for 20-30 minutes. Pay attention to the operation of each machine and observe whether the belt of the feeding conveyor is off-line. If there is off-line, adjust in time and wait until all machines are running properly. Feeding and debugging.

2. Check the raw materials: check the raw materials before feeding. There should be no metal objects other than copper and aluminum in the raw materials, and the single volume of the copper and aluminum materials should not be greater than 0.3cm³ to avoid damage to the tool.

Debugging instructions for Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment: The feeding amount during equipment debugging should be controlled at about 30% of the output of the machine, so as to avoid the accumulation of materials in the tail machine caused by the untimely adjustment of the single machine. Adjust the initial frequency value of the speed frequency of the lower blower frequency converter to between 35-40Hz, and the value will increase or decrease according to the sorting situation. The initial value of the speed frequency of the vibration sorting motor inverter is adjusted to between 28-35Hz, and the value is increased or decreased according to the sorting situation. Adjust the initial value of the front and rear dust extraction air volume to the middle position of the adjustment range, and the value will increase or decrease according to the discharge situation.


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