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What are the matters needing attention in the daily maintenance and maintenance of the wet tissue packaging machine?

Time:2021-03-03 11:39 Author:Suny Group

Portable Wet Wipes Making Machine

1. The wet tissue packaging machine should be operated on a dry, tidy, and firm horizontal table, and keep a distance of at least 10cm from the edge of the table.

2. Before using the 220V power connection, please check whether the voltage marked on the product is consistent with the local voltage.

3. It is strictly prohibited for children to touch the machine under the supervision of minors.

4. When the wet tissue packaging machine is not used for a long time, please unplug the power cord from the power socket to avoid adverse effects due to misoperation.

5. When moving, please try to move the machine forward and don't stand upside down to prevent the residual water in the machine from overflowing and burning to the human body.

6. When cleaning the machine, do not rinse or soak the machine directly.

7. The wet tissue packaging machine has not been used for a long time. When using it again, please clean the inside of the machine thoroughly with hot water before use.

8. If the machine has quality problems that cannot be solved, please contact customer service or go to the designated service station for repair. Please do not disassemble the machine for maintenance to avoid the risk of electric leakage or electric shock.

9. During the operation of the machine, please do not move the body, and do not disassemble or assemble parts during the operation.

10. During the manufacture of wet wipes, do not cover the heat dissipation holes.

11. When disassembling the machine for cleaning or maintenance, please unplug the power cord from the power socket.

12. During the operation of the machine, please do not put your hands or other hard objects into the body. And make sure to place the machine on a level surface.

13. When installing the machine after cleaning or maintenance, make sure to install the mixing bucket, residue box, filter screen, protective cover, rag tray and cleaning tray in place, and securely fasten the upper cover and pressure rod.

14. During the process of making wet wipes, please do not touch the emergency switch on the side of the mask tray. After the wet wipes are made, the film tray will automatically pop up. No manual operation is required. This switch is used when there is a malfunction or maintenance, and the wet wipe tray needs to be opened manually.

15. If the power is suddenly cut off after pressing the start button, wait until the power is turned on. Add pure water to the water injection port until the indicator light turns red, stop adding water, and press the start button. The machine will restart the process of heating wet wipes. If the power is off for too long, it is recommended not to use this wet wipe.




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