What are the specific advantages of the wire stripping machine?

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Wire Stripper Manufacturer

1. Multifunctional high-speed computer wire stripping machine is an automatic wire cutting machine that performs high-speed wire material factory size cutting, two-end stripping, single-end stripping and half-striping.

2. Use servo motor to control wire cutting, stripping and other actions to make the cutting length more accurate.

3. The length change and full stripping and half stripping are set by buttons, which is simple and fast.

4. The change of peeling long charge and cutting knife depth adopts fine-tuning rotation method, which is simple and fast.

5. The speed can be divided into five stages, which can be set according to the wire specifications, so that both thick and thin wires can be produced stably.

6. Each detection standard has functions such as low air pressure, abnormal cylinder stuck motor, consistent count display, etc., it can automatically stop when abnormal, and display the detected situation on the man-machine interface, which facilitates rapid troubleshooting and reduces downtime.

7. The best features are less adjustment technology, less crimping, short adjustment time, and convenient operation.

8. It can be equipped with a line splitter to complete the line splitting, cutting and stripping actions of the cable, and improve the production efficiency.

9. This machine can process 600mm long wires 50 times per minute, which is more than 4 times that of the desktop 1 out 2 wire stripping machine.


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