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How to strip the cord

Time:2021-03-19 10:33 Author:Suny Group

Introduction of stripping machine operation part:

Pass the wire harness that needs to be stripped into the wire inlet wheel through the wire inlet hole, press "wire in", the wire inlet wheel rotates and feed the wire; according to the material and thickness of the wire harness, set the appropriate cutter, roller and stripping speed.

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Wire stripping machine classification:

Intelligent computer wire stripping machine, high-speed wire stripping machine, automatic wire stripping machine, electric wire stripping machine, pneumatic wire stripping machine, cable wire stripping machine, flat wire stripping machine, sheath wire stripping machine, coaxial wire stripping machine . There are so many kinds of wire strippers, how to identify the quality of wire strippers, you can choose from the following aspects:

What to do if the wire end of the computer wire stripping machine cannot be stripped

When using the computer wire stripping machine, we often encounter some failure problems. At this time, we will change how to deal with it. Today, I will use a few articles to tell you about the computer wire stripping machine encountered during operation. How to repair some of the problems. The first thing to talk about is the problem that the computer wire stripping machine often encounters the thread can’t be stripped. Generally, when we encounter this kind of problem, how do we change it to deal with it?

1. First of all, it is necessary to check the cutting depth of the thread head and adjust the wire diameter value to decrease.

2. It may be that the gap of the incoming transmission wheel is too large, adjust the gap size.

3. Whether the stripping head setting is greater than 2mm.

4. Carefully check whether there is stolen goods in the inlet pipe, and it needs to be cleaned up in time.

5. If it is not the previous problem, there is another possibility that the retracting setting of the computer stripping machine is too large and needs to be reduced.

First, switch the mode to long-line mode by switching the function. Set the front stripping data to 5mm, and the half stripping can set the data larger or smaller than 5mm. When it is larger than 5mm, no rubber is left and full stripping; when less than 5mm, half stripping, half The stripping length is the set value. At this time, the front stripping data is set. The total length is set to 100mm, and the half stripping setting behind the total length is greater than or less than 5mm. The principle is the same as that for the front stripping. The back stripping data is set to 5mm, which means the rear end stripping. Length 5mm. At this time, the value of the stripping machine has been adjusted. Use the sample to observe the specific conditions of peeling and cutting to adjust the knife value and the data of the knife to achieve the best peeling effect.

Wire stripping machine-a machine that strips the plastic sheath and metal core of wires, etc., due to the difference in wire diameter and wire material and composition, there are different suitable models: short thin wire type, large square type, and flat wire Type, sheathed wire, coaxial wire type and other computer wire stripping machine. Wire stripping machine is the most widely used machine in the machinery industry. People are now relying on various mechanical automation in many places, and the wire stripping machine is now the most helpful People produce machinery.




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