Common problems of packaging machine failure of barreled wet tissue machine

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The wipe packaging machinery of the wet bucket wet wipe machine has been used for a long time, especially under continuous work and overload conditions, it is prone to some electrical and mechanical failures, such as: the machine goes and stops, the fuse is blown when starting, and it is running. There is a "squeaking sound", the temperature cannot be controlled, the finished bag is deformed and bent at the sealing, and bubbles or irregular marks appear at the embossment of the sealing knife.

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Combined with the actual use experience of the packaging machine, for several of the failures, the causes are analyzed, corresponding solutions are proposed, and the maintenance problems of the continuous sealing machine are explained, hoping to help enterprises and individuals who use the continuous sealing machine.

1. Fuse blown

The main function of the sealing machine motor is to drive the gearbox and various parts of the gear transmission. Sometimes the sealing machine will make a "squeak" sound as soon as it is started, and it will not work normally, or even blow off the fuse on the live wire. To troubleshoot the fault, first check whether the power supply is normal, then cut off the power supply, and check whether the switch is damaged with a resistance file. In addition, check whether the circuit and the motor are short-circuited. Usually when the motor is short-circuited, the winding is burnt out, or the wire is broken, the fuse will blow as soon as the sealing machine is started. Another reason for this failure is that the fuse size is too small, and the problem can be solved by increasing its size accordingly.

2. There is a "squeak" sound during operation

This fault occurs during the operation of the sealing machine, and the "squeaking" sound often occurs suddenly. The next step is the uneven sealing speed, which causes bad lines at the sealing and embossing of the packaging bag, which affects the appearance of the product. In the meantime, it can work normally, but it is erratic.

This phenomenon is mostly due to mechanical damage or severe wear, and poor lubrication. First follow the sound emitted to find the faulty part. Disassemble the back protection plate and find that the "squeak" sound is coming from the gearbox. Remove the fixing screws one by one. It is found that the grease in the gearbox is dry and the gears are bright and bright. This shows that the cause of the fault is Lack of oil. Mix the same type of engine oil and grease into the gearbox, and tighten the screws to restore. The "squeak" sound disappears after the machine is turned on, and the seal is normal.

In addition, if the joints of the high-temperature belt are loose, severely worn, and are not clean, have dirt on the surface, and are not synchronized with the traction wheel during operation, they will sometimes make a "squeak" sound. The solution is to replace the high temperature belt of the same specification. There are certain skills to replace the high temperature. First compress the pressure wheel spring by hand, and then place one end of the high temperature belt on the rubber wheel, and the other end is held by hand against the other rubber wheel, and the governor is set to a low speed. Motion inertia, the high temperature belt is automatically installed. Sometimes the "squeak" sound is also emitted by the DC shunt motor. It may be caused by lack of oil in the motor bearings. If this is the case, it should be removed and lubricated to eliminate the sound.

3. The sealing temperature is out of control

The fault is manifested as a malfunction of the thermometer display, the inability to control the temperature, the heat-sealing temperature is not constant, the seal is either scorched, or the seal is not strong, and the seal is deformed, which is ugly. The main reason for this failure is that the thermometer is broken and must be repaired; in addition, the thermocouple may also be broken, and the induced temperature cannot be transmitted to the thermometer normally. Just replace the thermocouple with the same model and specification. The mechanical reason is uneven heat sealing pressure, as long as the pressure spring of the heat sealing knife is adjusted to make the pressure consistent. At the same time, the pressure contact surface of the heat-sealing knife should be kept clean and free of dirt. Another reason is that the heat sealing quality of the composite material itself is not good, and the heat sealing coefficient changes, resulting in inconsistent temperatures.

4. The sealing machine goes and stops

In our production, we encountered the problems of stop-and-go and inconsistent speeds of the sealing machine. We disassembled the panel on the back of the sealing machine and found that the connection between the shaft of the motor and the gearbox had fallen off and slack. Re-tighten the screws to make them all fit, and the problem is solved. In addition, the main motor is operated by the contact of carbon brushes. If the carbon brushes are severely worn, incompletely contacted with the slip ring, or have poor friction, the sealing machine will also stop and go and be replaced with new carbon of the same model. The problem can be solved by swiping.

5. Bubbles and irregular marks appear at the seal

This kind of failure is also relatively common. Although it will not cause the packaging to leak, it affects the beauty of the packaging and destroys the image of the product. The main reasons for this failure are as follows.

(1) The equipment has been used for a long time, and dust and plastic scraps are attached to the high-temperature belt, which causes the high-temperature belt to be uneven and uneven, which makes the sealing unevenly heated, and bubbles appear after being pressed by the cold pressing wheel. The fault can be eliminated by cleaning or replacing the high temperature belt again. The high temperature belt is generally 1.5cm wide and about 22μm thick. If the dirt cannot be washed off after being stuck, it has to be scrapped.

(2) There are irregularly arranged uneven marks on the cold-pressed rubber wheels, which are directly reflected on the packaging, so that more obvious marks appear at the seal. In order to ensure that the packaging bag is beautifully formed, it is best to replace the cold-pressed rubber wheel.


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