Stripping machine old wire peeling equipment

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The wire stripping machine is a machine that peels off the plastic sheath and core of wires, etc., and the machine that peels off the plastic sheath and core of wires, etc. It is a machine used for cable stripping and is widely used in production and life.

New Fashion Low Price Automatic Electric Wire Stripper Manufacturer In China

1. Four-sided blade is adopted, which is convenient to use and low in cost.

2. The pressure adjustment of the disc is controlled by hydraulic pressure, with reliable structure and performance.

3. The feeding mechanism adopts stepless speed change, which has a good peeling effect on frozen wood, bent wood, eucalyptus, oak wood, elm and other difficult-to-peel tree species.

4. High peeling cleanliness, high productivity, and little wood damage.

Cable stripping machine type

A, B, C files

1. Turn on the motor to check whether the operation is normal. When feeding, check the diameter of the outer rubber-plastic cable of each file, and feed the materials one by one.

2. In order to make the film long-lasting, the connector of the rubber and plastic cable should be cut off when feeding, so as to avoid chip chipping.

3. If the material is too deep or broken after feeding, pay attention to the following points:

① Adjust the feed gear, that is, the tightness of the pressure of the M12 screws on both sides of the film shaft;

② Check whether the position is misplaced during feeding;

③. Whether the film is newly replaced, whether the cutting edge is too sharp, use special oilstone to trim it slightly, until it is moderate.

Customized cable stripping machine

Function: With the efforts of our technicians and continuous improvement and innovation, the FD-2 multifunctional cable stripping machine was grandly launched in 2006. This machine was improved and brand new again in 2007. This machine has all the functions of other wire stripping machines. It is currently the most versatile and versatile cable stripping and dismantling equipment in China. It is suitable for waste wires and cables of various wire diameters. The aperture design is reasonable, the workmanship is exquisite, and the sheet design is double, which is more convenient to separate.


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