What materials can the double shaft crusher equipment crush?

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The double-shaft crusher is actually a double-shaft shearing crusher through shearing, tearing and squeezing to reduce the size of the material. This shredder is usually used for waste plastics, waste rubber, wood and other rough waste . And for this equipment, the important components include hoppers, motors, transmission systems, crushing chambers, selection mechanisms, and racks. The use of these parts is developed through ordinary experiments, and advanced equipment for skill training and arrangement is introduced.

Double Shredder Machine

The double-shaft crusher equipment itself can also adopt a sturdy round shearing form, and in this form, it directly optimizes the force condition to a large extent, and shrinks to recover the point where the cutter head is stuck. At the same time, it also reduces the overturning moment of the crushing chamber in the double-shaft crusher equipment.

The main components of the double-shaft crusher will also include motors, reducers, knife shafts, crushing knives, knife boxes, electric controls and racks. Depending on the material to be crushed, pushers and fire extinguishing equipment can be assembled. In actual use, the cutter head of this dual-shaft crusher uses high hardness and wear-resistant alloy cutter head, which has a long service life and can be used for frequent repair and sharpening. The replacement of the cutter shaft is quick to disassemble and repair, and it is convenient to install and repair. This equipment adopts cycloidal pinwheel slower or planetary gear reducer, which has the advantages of large simmering skills, high utility, low noise, small size, light weight, and long application life.

The dual-shaft crusher has technology, standards, planning and technical services, and has many advantages in terms of production, environmental protection, and recycling. It is a very useful dual-shaft crusher. It is mainly composed of shredding blade set, carrying box, box support, feeding system, and power system, which is convenient for transportation and reuse. The output size can be adjusted according to user requirements. The double-shaft crusher uses low knife speed to ensure safety and no harm , Low noise, low energy consumption and strong usefulness.

The dual-shaft crusher is developed for all kinds of waste materials. It has the characteristics of large torque and high speed. The robust split box, external bearing seat, and automatic discharging are the unique characteristics of Tianqi. All of them are selected. Imported wear-resistant plates, large materials are shredded to achieve the purpose of reduction and resource utilization. The double-shaft crushers are made of international materials. Both the hardness and the thickness of the steel plate must meet the national material standards. It is determined that non-standard materials are not necessary. The processing of materials, from the use of advanced technology to production, has passed the process, layer by layer. Check, check and check. The dual-shaft crusher leads the market with technology and injects positive energy into the waste crushing industry.


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