Working principle of scrap steel crusher

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The scrap steel crusher is suitable for crushing bicycle racks, motorcycle racks, color steel tiles, carriage plates, keel bars, color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, tinplate, scrap angle steel, scrap pipes, car cabs, file cabinets, safes, car tanks, Packing briquettes, electrical appliance shells and other waste steel and industrial waste equipment. It is a new medium-sized crushing production line. The scrap steel crusher is suitable for small and medium users with an annual crushing below 5000T, small and medium steel mills, and small and medium steel scrap recycling companies. It is used to provide clean and qualified charge for steel enterprises.

Double Shredder Machine

The whole shell of the scrap crusher is welded by 25mm-50mm manganese steel plate, and the inner liner is strong and durable. The main shaft is heat treated with forged parts, no matter how strong the torque is, the cutter head is made of manganese steel, and the wear-resistant hammer is built in, and the train hub forging hammer is connected between the cutter heads. The main machine casing adopts a hydraulic lifting device, which is convenient and quick to repair, and the design of the whole machine is generous and reasonable. And make reasonable improvements according to user requirements.

The working principle of the scrap crusher:

Scrap steel crushing is a processing method in which scrap steel is crushed by a crusher, and the crushed steel scrap is sorted by a sorting system to obtain pure steel scrap. Its working principle is that under the continuous drive of a high-speed and high-torque motor, the hammer on the crusher rotor takes turns to hit the scrap steel into the cavity. Under the strong impact, the scrap steel is torn and squeezed into a certain size of crushing. After the steel is processed by the sorting equipment, crushed steel with higher purity can be obtained.


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