What is the reason for the weak sealing of the wiper machine?

Author:Suny Group

The wet tissue packaging machine has been used for a long time, and the main reasons for the weak sealing failure of the wet tissue machine are: two meaning: under the pressure of the sealing knife, although the bag mouth is sealed, it is slightly squeezed or torn off. , The seal cracked again. (1) The heat-sealing temperature of the wet tissue packaging machine is not enough. The problem can be solved by appropriately increasing the heat-sealing temperature. (2) Uneven pressure of cold-pressed rubber wheels of wet tissue packaging machine Uneven pressure of cold-pressed rubber wheels can also cause this type of failure of the seal. The solution is similar to the first situation.

Portable Wet Wipes Making Machine

The wet tissue machine is a combination of bag packaging machine and filling machine. The bag wet tissue machine is mainly composed of automatic encoder, PLC programming system, bag opening system configuration, vibration system configuration and dust removal device, water solenoid valve, thermometer, vacuum generator Or composed of imported vacuum machine. Pumps, frequency converters, export systems and other standard components. The main optional system configuration of the wet tissue machine is a raw material measuring and checking filling machine, an operating platform, a net weight sorting scale, a material elevator, a feeder, a product conveying elevator and a metal detector. The new horizontal design of the filling machine is light and convenient, and it can pump materials automatically. For thicker pastes, you can use a hopper to fill. The wet tissue machine also has the function of switching between manual and automatic: when the machine is in the "automatic" state, the machine will automatically perform continuous filling at a set speed. Anti-drip irrigation system: During the filling process, the cylinder will move up and down to drive the partition.


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