Scrap lithium battery recycling technology

Author:Suny Group

Is the recycling of used lithium batteries valuable? At present, most of the lithium-ion batteries circulating on the market are composed of battery caps, battery shells, positive electrodes, negative electrodes, electrolytes and battery separators. Analysis shows that the average lithium-ion battery contains 12%-18% cobalt, 1.2%-1.8% lithium, 8%-10% copper, 4%-8% aluminum, and 30% shell alloy. The recovery value of cobalt in the whole country alone can reach hundreds of millions of yuan. Aluminum, copper and organic electrolyte can also be recovered from waste lithium ion secondary batteries, all of which are of high value. Through research on the recycling of used lithium-ion batteries, it can be found that the recycling methods are mostly focused on the recycling of the positive electrode active material in the battery. In summary, according to the main key technologies and principles of recycling, the recycling and treatment technology of waste lithium batteries can be divided into three treatment methods: physical, chemical, and mechanical.

Lithium Battery recycling plant

The environmentally friendly lithium battery recycling equipment separates the aluminum and copper in the anode and cathode sheets from the anode and cathode materials for recycling purposes. The entire production line runs under negative pressure, no dust spills during the production process, the production environment is cleaner and environmentally friendly, and the dust emission concentration meets the environmental protection requirements. The crushing equipment performs scientific and effective treatment and disposal of waste lithium batteries, which not only has significant environmental benefits, but also has good economic benefits.

Environmental protection lithium battery recycling equipment crushes the raw materials to less than 10mm with a coarse crusher, then enters the particle crusher for stripping and crushing, and then enters the fine powder classifier for separation and treatment, and the tail ash is collected by the downstream cyclone separator and pulse dust collector. The waste lithium battery positive and negative electrode sheet treatment equipment is based on the lithium battery positive and negative electrode structure and the material characteristics of its constituent materials, copper and carbon powder, and adopts a combined process of hammer crushing, vibrating screening and airflow sorting to compose the negative electrode of the waste lithium battery. The materials are separated and recycled, and the complete set of equipment operates under negative pressure, no dust is emitted, and the separation efficiency can reach more than 98%.


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