What is the most important thing for a tire shredder?

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Double Shredder Machine

1: Stability is determined by design. The world is big. If a tire shredder can be used smoothly by most customers, the design of the machine is the most important.

2: Durability. The material and processing technology indicators of each component, people who do not understand this industry, are all iron in their opinion, they are right, because they do not understand the machine, they can only think like this, rollers, propellers, The material and machining accuracy of these accessories such as large shafts, bearings, and axle boxes will directly determine the life of the machine. This is the so-called iron that is invisible to customers. The poor quality of electrical appliances, motors, belts, etc. will also cause them to have problems in future production, and they all look the same. This is also what they can't see.

3: The quality of the products, technology and the quality of the machine itself. No matter how good a product is, it will basically become a pile of iron without technical support. Therefore, only those with high technical level can make a good-quality machine give full play to its efficiency so that customers can really learn the technology to use the machine well and create greater benefits.

4: The output of tire crushing equipment. It is basically determined by the technical level of the machine design and technical staff.


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