Aluminum-plastic composite material sorting and recycling equipment

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The aluminum-plastic separation and recycling production line is mainly used for aluminum-plastic separation of various aluminum-plastic pipes, aluminum-plastic bottle caps, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic flexible packaging, and medical panels. It can also be used for various copper wires, cables, and others. Separation and recycling of plastic products.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine

Process introduction:

First, a large amount of materials are sent into the crusher for secondary crushing and tertiary grinding dissociation, and then the materials that meet the particle size requirements are separated by rotary vibration screening and then separated from plastic and aluminum by a double-roller electrostatic separator.


1. All the processes are physically separated, without heating, burning water and chemistry, so it is environmentally friendly and there is no pollution.

2. The process cost is low, the efficiency is high, and the separation rate can reach 99.8%.

3. The automatic production line saves labor, and only one or two people are enough to operate the machine.

4. The production line is widely used.

5. The production line is easy to install and has various assembly methods, which can be adapted to different places.


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