Precautions for daily maintenance of mask machine

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Now that the pollution level of the environment is very serious, masks have almost become essential equipment for going out. In this case, mask machines are used in many factories, but the losses caused by improper maintenance are for the company. It is also huge. If the mask machine can be maintained in time, then the expenditure can be reduced in a big way.

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Daily maintenance method of mask machine

The following describes the daily maintenance methods of the mask machine;

1. Maintaining ventilation, drying and cleaning of the mask machine in the workplace of the production equipment is conducive to long-term effective operation of the equipment and optimized working conditions;

2. Keep the electrical control box and equipment vents away from water, corrosive gas vapor, dust, and regular clean compressed air to connect to the dust;

3. Regularly inspect the equipment, insulation performance, and electrical components that are prone to ageing. Regularly check the ground wire to ensure that the equipment is properly grounded. This project will have professional experience electricians;

4. The equipment that regularly checks the power supply voltage confirms that it meets the requirements to avoid unstable long-term work under high or low power;

5. With the transmission mechanism, regular filling of butter, oil and other lubricating oil should be required. The gear reducer oil has undergone regular changes to ensure good working conditions of lubricated moving parts;

6. Ultrasonic welding head, bottom mold and working materials are usually kept clean. Check regularly (usually once a week) that the cable connector is loose. Wipe the machine regularly, but do not use liquid for cleaning.

7. Open the control box cover and use a clean air gun without water, clear the internal dust, and maintain a good part of the cooling air. When not in use for a long time, clean, lubricate and maintain the exterior of the connecting unit, and place the postage envelope attached machine in a dry and ventilated place.


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