Alcohol wipes but no alcohol smell?

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Alcohol wipes are our commonly used wipes, especially after the epidemic, they have become one of the must-have products for people. However, after many alcohol wipes are opened, we do not smell alcohol. Does this mean wetness? Is the towel fake?

Portable Wet Wipes Making Machine

In fact, it is not a fake. Generally, the alcohol content of the package is 75% on the back of the wet wipes, because this concentration is the most ideal sterilization concentration.

From a scientific point of view, 75% of the alcohol concentration will slowly and continuously penetrate into the interior before the bacterial protein occurs, thereby dehydrating the bacterial protein, slowly coagulating, and finally killing the bacteria. If the concentration is less than 75%, this will cause the penetration effect to become weak, thereby affecting the sterilization effect. Too high a concentration will cause the alcohol to proteinize before it enters the surface of the bacteria, thus failing to achieve the sterilization effect.

If the alcohol wipes we buy have no taste, it may be that the alcohol concentration is less than 75%. Because the production of alcohol wipes has very high production requirements, if it is not for the wet wipe machine produced by a regular manufacturer like this, it is difficult for ordinary small machines to meet the production standards.

Of course, the concentration is not up to the standard is only one aspect, and another aspect is that the packaging is not well packaged, there are gaps, and the sealing is not tight, which causes the alcohol to volatilize and ultimately fails to achieve the sterilization effect. This should be because the four-side sealing wet wipe machine is not good at edge sealing.

Therefore, for consumers, when buying wet wipes, we must check the packaging of wet wipes. For manufacturers, we must use such a regular manufacturer's wet wipe machine to produce wet wipes. The quality is guaranteed.


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