Wire and cable copper rice pellet machine

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The copper rice machine is a production line for dry separation of waste wires and cables. For example: old automobile circuit lines, communication cables, copper rice machines, and wire stripping machines are not suitable for processing (various civil wires), waste and miscellaneous wires, hairy wires, etc. The feature of this machine is that large and small wires do not need to be classified. At the same time, the crushing and separation, the structure, the production capacity are large, and the copper rice machine consumes less power. The sorting rate is high, and the material is fed at one time, and the multi-machine cooperation is completed.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Copper rice machine structure:

1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, dry copper rice machine, reasonable layout and convenient installation.

2. The intelligent operation makes the operation easier, saves time and effort, and ensures the stable operation of the equipment to a large extent.

3. The crusher adopts a pair of roller type, low speed, high torque, large output, peripheral copper rice machine, low noise, simple operation.

4. The pulverizer, sorting equipment and dust collection equipment adopt the platform combination type, which makes the equipment easy to move and transport, and increases the flexibility of the equipment.

5. The pulverizer rotor adopts an alternating knife shaft, which makes the pulverizer more efficient, lower noise, and more stable.

6. The sorting rate of air-flow sorting equipment is as high as 97~99%.


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