Three-layer mask machine technical equipment

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Disposable mask machine equipment is to produce disposable masks with certain filtering characteristics according to the processes of pressing double-layer non-woven fabrics, stretching and forming, ultrasonic welding, waste removal, and welding of ears and nose bones. The equipment is not a single piece of equipment. Generally, several pieces of equipment cooperate with each other to perform various different processes. Therefore, the disposable mask machine equipment is composed of a complete set of equipment. Because of this, the disposable mask machine equipment can complete a variety of mask production processes, greatly reducing the human resources required for production and improving production efficiency.

Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine 1+1

According to the mask production process, after the meltblown cloth, non-proof cloth and other raw materials arrive, they are first divided into small rolls, put into the disposable mask machine equipment, and suppressed into masks according to high-frequency welding, and then go through combing inspection and manual bag sealing. , After 16 hours of sterilization, and half a month after the vaporization and sterilization of the analysis library, the masks that meet the product quality standards will enter the sales market according to the freight logistics and market sales stage.

Therefore, the disposable mask machine equipment to produce masks is not directly produced and ready for use as everyone thinks, but requires processing procedures to produce qualified masks.


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