How to maintain and maintain the automatic wet wipe packaging machine

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The working environment of the constant temperature and humidity machine: temperature 18℃-30℃, relative humidity ≤90%

Maintenance method 1. Appearance of the unit, wash hands around. Check and adjust the safety device. Check the control center function. Check the starter and relay. Check the compressor operating condition. Check the motor and operating conditions.

Portable Wet Wipes Making Machine

Maintenance method two, check the condition of the shaft seal. Analysis of water system and heat transfer effect. Check the refrigerant charge of the unit. Oil level, oil color and oil temperature. There is no filter core and oil pressure difference. Moisture filter. Airtightness of the unit. The condition of the interlocking device of the auxiliary components of the unit.

Repair method three, first reopen the gate valves at both ends of the oil filter. Use the trachea to drain the air out of the barrel. Don't open the exhaust valve that way at first, increase it slowly.

Repair method four, touch the outer oil pipes of the two gate valves of the oil filter by hand. The temperature at both ends should be similar, and both are lower than the temperature of the oil filter. Explain that the valve is reopened and intact. Maintenance method 5. After exhausting, use a special tool to disassemble. When the disassembly is almost taken off, manually move the filter to check if there is almost no pressure relief. Editor Cheng Miao warns that you should forget to do regular inspections: (1) If there is no break in the electrical wiring, (2) Are there any noise in the operation of the unit components, and whether the operation is normal (3) Whether the high and low pressure of the refrigeration system is normal (4) The operation of each motor Whether the current is normal.


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