Dismantling and recycling equipment for used lithium batteries

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The used lithium battery will go through a process of discharging, in this process, it will go through the process steps of dismantling-shredding-breaking. (This is suitable for square, cylindrical, soft pack batteries and the environment is in an oxygen-poor state. Next) This process also achieves an explosion-proof system, which can ensure stability and safety.

Lithium Battery recycling plant

The crushed materials of waste lithium batteries begin the sorting stage. After the combination of magnetic separator, specific gravity separator, and negative pressure air separator, iron (the sorting rate is above 99.5%) and plastic are separated. Separator (sorting rate above 95%), copper-aluminum block stainless steel (sorting rate above 99%), separation and sorting of positive and negative plates (sorting rate above 98%).

At this time, after the plastic separator is collected by the collector, the separator, the positive and negative electrodes, and the positive and negative powder are separated by screening. The separated separator is sent to the friction dry cleaning equipment, and the separator contains a small amount of positive and negative powder for dry cleaning. Washing and separation, so as to achieve the automatic dry cleaning and powder removal treatment of the plastic diaphragm.

The exhaust gas generated by vacuuming, comprehensive sorting and friction de-powdering, etc. are transported to the combustion system separately through separate pipelines, and the volatilized electrolyte gas is transported separately with oxygen isolation through insulation measures (the electrolyte volatilized gas is insulated to prevent the solidification of the electrolyte), and the pipeline Separate and separate transportation to avoid the danger of organic gas explosion. The pyrolysis combustible gas is transported and filtered separately into the combustion system to prevent the condensation and deflagration of the combustible gas.


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