How to effectively recycle the aluminum and plastic in the broken aluminum bridge

Author:Suny Group

Waste broken bridge aluminum, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and broken bridge aluminum scraps can be effectively separated from the aluminum and plastics in the broken bridge aluminum through the processing of the broken bridge aluminum crushing and sorting equipment. For broken bridge aluminum-plastic composite windows and broken bridge aluminum For the scrap processing of the alloy, we need to separate the plastic and aluminum inside and use the crushing and sorting method to deal with the sorting effect and efficient separation. The separation principle of the broken bridge aluminum crushing separator is the same as that of the eddy current separator. The non-ferrous metal aluminum is generated by the eddy current reaction to generate a mirror image magnetic field, which is ejected from the aluminum-plastic mixture under the force of the magnetic roller.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine

Features of broken bridge aluminum crushing and sorting equipment:

1. The design of the production line is superb and reasonable to improve production efficiency;

2. The whole production process adopts physical decomposition and separation, no chemical reagents, no incineration, and no secondary pollution.

3. The equipment adopts an automated operating system to save labor costs.

4. Simple operation, automatic separation of metal and non-metal;

The broken bridge aluminum crushing and sorting equipment produced by SUNY GROUP adopts the low-speed heavy hammer principle, which can not only crush the waste broken bridge aluminum raw materials well, but also reduce the generation of aluminum powder as much as possible during the crushing process. The scrap aluminum and other metals inside are sorted and recycled, and then sold at high prices. SUNY GROUP broken bridge aluminum metal separator equipment has high production efficiency, and can also well control the crushing particle size of waste broken bridge aluminum. The crushing effect is very good, and it is supported and selected by customers.


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