Analysis of the advantages of battery disassembly machine

Author:Suny Group

Analysis of the advantages of the battery dismantling machine: 1. The battery dismantling machine has a simple structure, affordable price, high degree of automation, labor-saving, power-saving, time-saving, energy-saving and easy to use, simple and easy to learn, and it can automatically and continuously cover the used batteries. Remove, take out the lead. 2. The machine is small in size, occupies a small area, and low in installation cost.

3. Installation and maintenance Customers order our battery dismantling machine, the machine is installed and debugged before leaving the factory, so after you receive the machine, you can operate it yourself by looking at our manual.

4. Overhaul, the vulnerable part of the battery dismantling machine is the blade, the blade can be replaced, and the blade can be replaced in time during the use process, which can better reduce the loss of the machine. Labor-saving motorcycle battery dismantling equipment also uses a lot of raw materials for battery dismantling machines. It can process 10AH, 12AH, 14AH, 17AH, and 20AH electric vehicle batteries at the same time. The structure is simple, the operation is easy, and the battery is dismantled and cut. Neat, may have

Effectively separate the battery shell and the lead block. The battery dismantling machine is mainly used to dismantle used batteries, so that the lead blocks in the dismantled used batteries can be recycled and reused, which solves the shortcomings of low efficiency of manual battery dismantling and high labor costs.


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