How to deal with the common faults of the automatic mask machine

Author:Suny Group

The fully automatic mask machine adopts advanced design. It only needs to install the production raw materials on the feeding rack. After the modulation is completed, the machine realizes automatic production. Only one person is required to operate the packaging. Fully automatic production is realized. The equipment adopts ultrasonic welding. The style is beautiful, hygienic and environmentally friendly. As a kind of mechanical equipment, the automatic mask machine will inevitably encounter malfunctions in long-term use. Next, EST Machinery will teach you how to deal with the common failures of the automatic mask machine.

1. Check the power source and air source

Fifty percent of the failure of the automatic mask machine is due to power supply and air supply problems. For example, due to power supply problems, problems such as insurance burnout, poor plug contact, and low power supply will be caused; because the air pump is turned on abnormally. Pneumatic parts cannot be opened normally. Therefore, it is recommended that you should check these conditions first when the automatic mask machine fails.

2. See if the position of the sensor is offset

Many failures of the automatic mask machine are often related to the position of the sensor. Vibration will inevitably occur during the use of the equipment. As the number of vibrations increases, the position of the sensor may be shifted due to looseness. When the position shifts, it will affect its sensitivity and sensitivity, and there will be warning signals and other conditions, reminding everyone to check and correct the position of the sensor on a regular basis, so as not to affect the normal use of the equipment.

3. Perform regular inspections on relays and other components

The relay of the automatic mask machine is actually the same as the sensor in the use process. If it is used for a long time without paying attention to maintenance and overhaul, adhesion will occur, which will cause the electrical circuit to be abnormal, and the pressure adjustment spring of the throttle valve will also be affected by The vibration of the equipment will cause slipping and loosening, which will cause the mask equipment to work abnormally. Therefore, everyone should conduct regular maintenance on relays and pressure valves.

After the automatic mask machine fails, in addition to the above three solutions, everyone should also conduct regular maintenance on the electrical and electric circuit connections. If the components used in these circuits fail, they must be replaced in time to avoid affecting normal production. schedule.


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