Dismantling, recycling, and drawing copper equipment for used motors

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Electric vehicle dismantling machine is a new type of equipment for dismantling and separating scrapped vehicles. It can handle electric vehicle wheels, shock absorbers, brake drums, strong magnets, rims, motorcycle engines and other aluminum products in one machine with high efficiency. , Quick disassembly.

This small press is equipped with eight different types of molds for dismantling electric vehicles of various sizes. There is also a copper removal machine for the rear wheel rotor of an electric vehicle. The machine is small in size, small in area, and easy to operate. It can be operated by one person. The working principle is to clamp the rotor on the machine, and then remove the Cut in the middle, cut the copper wire with a knife, and then manually pick out the copper wire from the two ends of the rotor. You can make thousands of pieces a day without any problem. Dismantle used motor stator equipment.

The dismantling efficiency of a machine is worth the dismantling efficiency of several people, which saves time and effort. (For example, it takes about 12-18 seconds to pull out all the copper wires at one end of the stator of a common 2.2kw 4-pole motor. The Y18.5 two-pole stator does not need to be burnt, and only needs to pull the copper wire three times to pull out all the copper wires, and the steel sheets are basically unchanged, and the daily output of copper wires is more than 1 ton!


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