The scope of use of waste wire recycling equipment

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This unit is aimed at all kinds of wire and cable, household appliance wire, communication wire, computer wire and other waste wires that are not suitable for processing by stripping machines. Large and small wires can be crushed at the same time without sorting, and dry separation and recycling of various scrap metal and plastics. It has low power consumption, high sorting rate, one-time feeding, multi-machine cooperation completion (crushing, conveying and loading, dust collection and dry separation), automatic intelligent control, only one person feeding can produce, and dust collection device . It not only improves the quality of recycled copper, but also recycles plastics and solves environmental pollution.

2. Working principle

Under the action of wind, the two kinds of materials with different densities are deflected by the amplitude movement on the screen surface with a certain angle, so that the dense copper wire is advancing against the copper outlet of the screen surface, and the plastic skin of low density floats on the copper. The top of the silk flows to the leather outlet, so as to achieve the purpose of separating copper and plastic.

3. Scope of application

Various wires and cables, household appliances wires, communication wires, computer wires and other waste wires that are not suitable for processing by wire stripping machines.

After the equipment is successfully debugged, you can start trial production. In the second trial production, the amount of material should be controlled at about 50%-60% of the machine's output. After continuous production for 3-5 hours, the output will be gradually increased to every 3-5 An hourly increase in output of 10% shall prevail, and it must not be loaded at full load from the beginning, because each machine requires a running-in process.

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