Circuit board disassembly machine with electronic components circuit board disassembly process

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Electronic waste contains a large number of circuit boards, and many components on the waste circuit boards contain various toxic and hazardous substances and heavy metals. It is necessary to disassemble and separate these components before recycling the waste circuit boards. On the other hand, some of the components disassembled from waste circuit boards are still valuable, and many companies recycle them.

At present, the circuit board dismantling machine is used for dismantling. The circuit board with electronic components will produce smoke and odor during the dismantling process. These smoke not only affect the health of the staff, but also cause serious pollution to the atmospheric environment. Environmental requirements.

The purpose of the utility model is to overcome the problem of a large amount of smoke and pungent smell generated by the current circuit board dismantling machine when disassembling waste circuit boards, and to provide a circuit board dismantling device, the circuit board dismantling device uses plasma The purifier can effectively remove dust. The UV photolysis air purifier can irradiate the malodorous gas, effectively crack the malodorous gas, and decompose the toxic and harmful substances in the malodorous gas to achieve the deodorization effect. The decomposed malodorous gas can achieve harmless emission , Never produce secondary pollution.

The utility model is realized as follows: a circuit board disassembly device, including a disassembly mechanism, an induced draft fan, a dryer, a plasma purifier and a UV photolysis air purifier, the disassembly mechanism includes a rotating shaft and is mounted on the rotating shaft The drum, the drum is provided with heating components, the wall of the drum is uniformly provided with leakage holes, the flue gas dust hood is arranged above the drum, the flue gas dust hood is connected with the induced draft fan through the pipeline, and the induced draft fan is connected with the dryer through the pipeline , The dryer is connected with the plasma purifier, and the plasma purifier is connected with the UV photolysis air purifier.


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