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Hydraulic crushers are widely used, and some users mainly use scrap metal recycling, such as pig iron. Crusher recycling of engine shells, reducer shells, etc.! Many users are in the dismantling, crushing and recycling industry. With the increase in the number of cars, the number of scrapped cars is increasing year by year, but the problem of recycling is difficult! The metal part of the car body It can be recycled with scrap steel crusher crusher.

Features of pig iron and engine shell crusher:

1. Compact structure, sturdy design, and large feeding port. The whole crusher can be divided into two parts, the upper frame and the lower frame. The two upper arm frames are protected by special alloy steel plates, and the rolling mortar wall made of alloy manganese steel is installed on the upper frame body. The heavy-duty oil cylinder at the lower part of the lower frame is used to support the main shaft and adjust the position of the main shaft to control the size of the outlet.

2. The hydraulic adjustment system has a better overload protection function. Since the main shaft is supported by the lower cylinder, the main shaft and the moving cone liner are raised and lowered together. When other unbreakable objects enter the crushing chamber, huge crushing force acts on the moving cone, and the moving cone drops rapidly, causing miscellaneous iron and other The unbreakable objects pass through the crushing cavity as soon as possible to realize the overload protection function of the crusher.

3. CLP constant crushing cavity design. CLP means that the performance of the liner remains constant. The feed opening area of ​​Crusher remains almost vertical, and the shape of the crushing cavity is almost unchanged during the wear process of the entire liner. Therefore, the production capacity of the crusher will not become smaller and smaller due to the wear of the liner, which can effectively reduce the operating cost.

4. Convenient to operate and maintain. All the operation and maintenance of the hydraulic crusher can be completed from the upper part of the crusher, which makes the operation of the crusher easy and low maintenance cost.


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