copper wire granulator machine

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copper wire granulator machine is a good equipment for processing waste wires to separate copper and plastic. Therefore, copper wire granulator machine is also called waste wire recycling copper wire granulator machine. The copper wire granulator machine produced by Weiying Machinery is advanced in process design, adopts an integrated structure, saves space, and works stably and reliably. After being crushed by a crusher, the waste wires and cables become plastic particles and copper rice. After the plastic particles and copper rice arrive at the vibrating screen through the conveyor, they are pushed and sucked by the airflow and the vibrating screen bed is linearly excited to separate the core and skin, so that it forms a wave on the screen surface and jumps forward. The copper rice, plastic and plastic The mixture is sent out from different outlets, and the dust is sent to the dust collector through the air duct for collection.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

The vibrating screen of the waste wire recycling copper wire granulator machine can be controlled by frequency conversion, and the vibration frequency can be adjusted according to different working conditions, and the air volume can be adjusted by the regulating valve. This machine is practical and convenient, has the advantages of ideal separation effect and high recovery rate of metal scraps. The automatic copper wire granulator machine completely separates metal and non-metal to produce completely separated copper and plastic skins.

Applicable scope and function: Suitable for all types of wires and cables, such as communication wires, floral wires, miscellaneous wires, square wires, automotive wires, single branch wires, multi-branch wires, woolen wires, etc. For various waste wires that are not suitable for processing by various wire stripping machines such as various car circuit wires, motorcycle wires, battery car wires, TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and other household appliances wires, communication wires, computer wires, etc. The machine is constructed as a whole, and customers can produce after receiving electricity. Fully automatic crushing, feeding, dust collection and separation. It can be produced by just one person. The advanced dust collection device and dry separation, the separated finished products can be sold directly.


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