Frequently asked questions about the operation of the mask machine

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1. The welding line of the mask machine should be a point or a line and the distance of the transmission should be in line with the ultrasonic welding method. Some people think that the mask machine only needs to be made of plastic materials, no matter how the joint surface can be welded well. This is a wrong perception. When the instantaneous energy occurs, the larger the joint area, the more severe the energy loosening, and the worse the welding effect. It cannot be welded. Other ultrasonic waves propagate longitudinally, and the energy loss is proportional to the distance. The long distance should be controlled within 7.5 cm. The welding line should be controlled between 0.3-0.8mm for the best condition, and the wall thickness of the workpiece should not be less than 2mm, otherwise it cannot be welded well, especially for products that require water and air tightness.

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2. The output power, oscillation frequency, and amplitude scale of the mask machine must be considered based on the material of the workpiece, the area of ​​the welding wire, whether there are electronic components in the workpiece, and whether it is airtight or not. Misunderstood that the greater the power, the better. This is also a misunderstanding. If you don’t know much about ultrasound. It is best to consult a regular ultrasonic production plant engineering and technical personnel. If possible, it is best to communicate with the manufacturer on-site, and do not blindly follow the misleading mask machine of some informal ultrasound sales personnel. Now the companies that produce related equipment are particularly messy. Most of them are family-style workshops. They copy circuits mechanically and do not understand the operating principles. The copied equipment has the shortcoming of death. One is that the quality of the purchased raw materials cannot be guaranteed, and the second is that the core technology of the production process is not mastered. Mask machine equipment is often unstable in medium-power and high-power operations, and the product qualification rate is low. Sometimes the equipment is damaged. Such as the transducer power transformer, the magnetic material parameters used cannot be measured, the magnetic saturation magnetic flux density (Bs), magnetic induction intensity (Bm), useful magnetic permeability (Ue), residual magnetic flux density (Br), coercive force (A/M), etc. The winding process is appropriate and messy, and these family-style workshops cannot do it. Therefore, to buy ultrasound, it is best to understand the company's situation first, do not blindly follow the salesperson's praise, and do not only need the price. Only in this way can we reduce unnecessary troubles in the future.

3. The ultrasonic welding machine of the mask machine has requirements for the material of the workpiece to be welded. Not all materials can be welded. Some people think that any material can be welded. This is a big misunderstanding. Some materials can be welded excellently, and some Basically can be welded, and some are incompatible. The melting point of the same material is the same, and it can be welded in principle. However, when the melting point of the welded workpiece is greater than 350 degrees, ultrasonic welding is no longer suitable. Since the mask machine melts the workpiece molecules instantaneously by ultrasound, the judgment basis is within 1-3 seconds. If welding is not possible, other welding processes should be selected, such as hot plate, spin melting, and oscillation conflict. Generally speaking, ABS material is the easiest to weld, due to its low melting point and hard hardness, while nylon is the most difficult to weld.


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