The working process and characteristics of the single-chip four-side sealing wet tissue machine

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Production Process

Raw material — machine completes all processes — finished product output — raw material unwinding — vertical folding — online chemical addition — fixed length cutting — horizontal folding film unwinding — parcel — vertical sealing — horizontal sealing cutting — finished product output

Single 4 Side Wet Wipes Machine

Main features

1. Spunlace non-woven fabric adopts synchronous conveying

2. Roll-cut sealing device

3. Electric differential, non-stop speed regulation phase

4. Adjustable length, fold the fork cardboard in half

5. The main electrical appliances adopt well-known brands

6. Frame type main frame

Main configuration

1. Longitudinal folding device for spunlace non-woven fabric

2. Spunlace non-woven fabric humidifying device

3. The wet cloth cutting device adopts high-speed white steel blades, which can be replaced individually

4. Horizontal folding device for spunlace non-woven fabric

5. Automatic counting device for wet wipes

6. Packaging film forming device

7. Packaging film longitudinal sealing device

8. Packaging film transverse sealing device

9. Host frequency conversion control

10. Transmission mode of motor + synchronous belt + planetary reducer

11. Adding liquid control system configuration, using immersion extrusion control

12. Solenoid valve, air cylinder adopts Airtac

13. Coding device: Adopt ink roller coding machine, the printing speed is less than or equal to 300 times per minute


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