Process flow of scrap lithium-ion lithium battery recycling equipment

Author:Suny Group

The composition of the process equipment includes shredding, crushing, crushing, winnowing, sorting, etc. The use of dry crushing, crushing and recycling process for the battery shell and the electrode active material in it can be used after the components of the battery are separated, no longer need to be considered The by-products produced in the chemical process are recycled, and there is no need to worry about the adverse effects that the by-products may have on the environment, so that the entire process does not cause secondary pollution to the environment, and is truly green and environmentally friendly.

Lithium Battery recycling plant

working principle:

First, the whole lithium battery is mechanically dismantled, the shell is separated, the diaphragm is separated, and then the positive and negative raw materials are crushed to less than 10mm with a coarse crusher, and then enter the particle crusher for peeling and crushing, and then enter the micropowder classifier for separation processing. The ash is collected by the downstream cyclone separator and pulse dust collector.


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