copper wound electric motors recycling machine

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The dismantling equipment of the used motor is divided into two equipments, a copper chopping machine and a copper drawing machine, both of which use hydraulic principles. They are mainly used to disassemble the copper wires and silicon steel sheets in the motor stator. Among them, the copper chopping machine It is used to cut the copper wire at one end of the stator, and the hydraulic copper drawing machine is used to pull the cut copper wire in the motor stator from the other end. The copper chopping and drawing copper machine shown in this article, that is, the copper cutting and drawing processes share a set of hydraulic equipment.

Best Electric Motor Scrap Processing Copper Motor Recycling Machine

This equipment has the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and safety. It is a good recycling equipment for manufacturers to recycle copper coils (enameled wires) and steel sheets of unqualified motors, as well as scrap metal recycling equipment.

Discharge tongs are fixed on the top of the grab box. To ensure the lubrication of the shaft core cup piston and other parts of the engine. Its wear resistance, toughness, tightness and coordination are self-evident;

The working principle of the motor rotor dismantling machine: The fixed knife and the movable knife are combined with each other. The fixed knife is S-shaped and fixed on the top of the cutter head. When the material enters the casing, it plays the role of forced feeding and forced crushing. The movable knife is a vertical head, when the material is torn strongly by the fixed knife. Dismantle used motor stator equipment.

1. The recycling efficiency is high, and the economic benefits are huge. The dismantling efficiency of one machine is worth the dismantling efficiency of several people, which saves time and effort. (For example, pull out all the copper wires at one end of the stator of an ordinary 2.2kw 4-pole motor , It takes about 12-18 seconds.

2. The fixed stator part of the lifting platform adopts a roller structure, which can easily rotate the stator to pull out the copper wires of each stator.

3. Less damage to the steel sheet in the stator.

4. Good working environment, energy saving and environmental protection, no pollution, no dust.

5. Using hydraulic pressure to pull out the copper wire, the labor is small and the work is easy.

6. Generally, the copper wire can be pulled out without heating, unless the copper wire dipping process in the motor stator is done too well, and the copper wire is very tight and difficult to pull out.

Only need auxiliary heating. The copper chopper can disassemble motors of different specifications, the stator inner diameter d=Φ60mm-Φ500mm motors.


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