Debugging and operation of copper puller for scrap motor

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1. After the equipment is installed and the circuit is checked, turn on the power switch.

2. Start the main motor, turn the FM potentiometer to start the motor, and check whether the direction of the motor is consistent with the direction required by the machine. Let the machine run for 30 minutes to see whether the machine is running normally, if there is any abnormal noise, and if there is any abnormal noise Then stop for inspection and adjustment.

3. Jog the foot switch to see if the jog operation of the machine is appropriate.

Best Electric Motor Scrap Processing Copper Motor Recycling Machine

4. Start the take-up motor, adjust the torque controller knob to make the take-up torque motor rotate, check whether the take-up operation is normal, and see whether the motor fan rotates in the correct direction (the fan is reversed and the main motor is easily burned), and adjust the wire arranging device. Add lubricating oil.

5. The lead width and the speed of the cable arranging device should be adjusted according to the inner width of the take-up reel, and the left and right stoppers on the guide bar should be adjusted to meet the requirements of the inner width of the reel. According to the size of the wire diameter, adjust the gear handle of the dial on the wire arranging device. The numbers from 1 to 10 indicate the distance of each roll of the light bar.

6. When the wire is drawn by the wire drawing tower wheel, different lubricating fluids should be selected according to different materials. Alkaline solution is used for drawing copper wire, and oily solution is used for drawing aluminum wire and aluminum-magnesium alloy wire. After the drawing material is selected, the copper wire drawing machine adopts self-splashing or spraying lubrication. If spraying lubrication is adopted, the user will add inlet and outlet pipes and delivery pumps. The user arranges the location of the wire drawing machine, the pipeline circuit and the power supply circuit according to the workshop situation.

7. The drawing machine should be equipped with drawing dies according to the diameter of the wire, the material of the wire and the configuration of the lubricating solution. The basic configuration die for drawing copper wire from 3mm to 1mm is shown in the table below. According to the diameter of the drawn wire, the mold of the die table should be adjusted to achieve the purpose of the wire diameter required by the user.


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