How to choose a disinfecting wipes machine

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Disinfective wipes are usually packaged in single pack, 2 packs, 10 packs, or a pack of 10 individual packs, 60 or 80 packs, etc., while maintaining the moisturizing and disinfecting effect of disinfection wipes, it can meet the needs of different groups of people. The need for disinfecting wipes.

Portable Wet Wipes Making Machine

Disinfecting wipes machine can choose to clean the outer cover, low noise, no pollution, stainless steel body, beautiful and durable. From the non-woven fabric cutting and forming, folding, adding liquid, bagging, sealing, and outputting the finished product, it is automatically completed in one time. Donggong Machinery meets the dual needs of customers in terms of quality and service from conceptual design to complete machine planning and finalization, from parts production to complete machine assembly and commissioning.

There are two types of disinfectant wipes. One is used to clean and disinfect small wounds such as abrasions, cuts, and scratches and the surrounding skin. It can effectively kill bacteria up to 99.9% and prevent wound infections. Spunlace non-woven fabrics As a base material, the main component of the immersed liquid is benzalkonium chloride, etc., cleaning and sterilizing can be completed at one time, and there are 60-80 pieces of packaging, 1 piece of packaging or 10 pieces of independent mini packaging;

When choosing a disinfecting wipes machine, you should choose according to the needs of the group supplying wet wipes, the number of packs, and the packaging style. For example, the single-pack wet wipes machine is used to produce 1 pack of disinfection wipes, 10 packs, and 60 packs. Corresponding equipment is also different for packaging, 20-piece packaging, and some are packed with 8 single-piece packages or 10 individual packages in a bag. The market promotes the product and the product corresponds to the equipment.


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