Brick making machine introduction

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Brick making machine introduction:

Brick making machine is mainly used in clay brick production line. It is also used to produce clay bricks. The processed pug is changed into the needed billets by the machine through the following steps in clay brick production line. It is mixed first, next treated by vacuum, then conveyed and squeezed by spiral reamer, finally extruded by a fixed shaped opening. 
Clay brick making machine 0-35 Brick Vacuum Extruderhas the reasonable structure. Its extrusion pressure is very big and the biggest one is 3.5Mpa. Its yield is very high, 15000 to 18000 pieces every hour. At the same time, it is applicable for high vacuum, squeezing thin-walled and porous shale, and coal gangue and clay brick.
The main components are reducer, pneumatic clutch, gear box, stirred tank, vacuum box, and mold. The body of of JKY50/50-35 brick vacuum extruder is all made of welded steel plates.
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