Automatic hydraulic press machine Equipment superiority

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Automatic hydraulic press machine Equipment superiority:

1. For Hydraulic Full-Automatic Block Forming Machine, its data storage is fully controlled by computer system and it is equipped with unique arch-breasking device. With this machine, it is quick and even in material distributing, high in product strength and very less in product error. For it, a optimized power design is adopted to reduce functional energy consumption. 
2. Its vertical synchronous vibration is controlled by the computer system. For this machine, converter low-frequency material feeding, high-frequency forming and belt conveyer are achieved to prevent the conceret from fluidifying in advance. The vibrating method of complete moulding table effectively ensures the density and homogeneity of the blocks to make the mixed concrete materials quickly shaped in the forming process, and solve the shortages of less pressure and no way for concrete mud extracting of the traditional brick presser.  
3.Because a three-dimentional pressing and vibrating effect is achieved on this machine, the characteristics of short forming cycle and high quality in block production are ensured. This machine is of multifunction. Only by changing its moulds and dies, the products with different specifications can be produced. Also, it is equipped with special piler so that the  working efficiency can be largely increased. 
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