Copper Wire Recycle Machine Application Range

Author:Suny Group

Along with the development of modern industry and communication industry, the use of various metal wires is increasing. Due to the upgrading of products and scrapping, the number of used wires and cables that need to be recycled in the society is increasing. In the past, the disposal of used wires and cables was not Arouse people's attention, generally use.

The flammability of the wire and cable wrap itself is incinerated to recover the metal in the wire and cable. This treatment method without any equipment not only causes serious pollution to the surrounding environment, but some of the combustion products of the cable skin are harmful to the human body, and metals such as copper and aluminum are oxidized during combustion, and the purity of the metal. The degree is reduced, and the part that rubber and plastic stools can be recycled is wasted. The waste of waste wire and cable not only wastes a lot of energy, but also wastes raw materials and pollutes the environment, and also reduces income. Because copper is an important material for the national economy, it has high re-use value and can be recycled through friendly resources. Collect and get some benefits.

Zhengyang Machinery sells copper wire recycling machine equipment through practical sales and absorbs foreign advanced experience. According to the user's requirements for handling waste wire and cable specifications, processing capacity, site conditions, investment size and other requirements, the corresponding technology and equipment are provided. From indoor telephone lines to multiple strands of waste, underground large-section cables can be used to separate and recover metals and coverings. The joint German copper rice machine equipment is automated and non-polluting in the sales line. The yield and purity of the metal can reach more than 99.8%. This kind of effective copper rice machine can be widely used in the metal recycling industry. Non-ferrous metal processing enterprises as well as wire and cable sales plants and other fields.


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