Sims Recycling Solutions' New Dubai Facility Offers Enhanced Services

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The recent relocation of its Dubai operations to a much larger site has enhanced the service portfolio of Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) - the electronics recycling arm of the global scrap metals company Sims Metal Management.

The company had recently moved to a new location in Jebel Ali Free Zone. The new facility has outgrown the old, not only in size, but also on various other parameters including processing capability, security and safety of employees. The new Jebel Ali location is for times larger than the old one, having a total square foot area of 24,000. It can handle up to 10,000 tons per annum of electronic waste as compared with the processing capacity of around 1,500 tons per annum of the old facility.

The facility features modern hydraulic equipment, aimed at reducing physical effort by employees. The entire operating area is completely air-conditioned. It features advanced security features including biometric access control, modern metal detectors, theft alarms, closed-circuit televisions and round-the-clock security guards.

Stephen Phelan, managing director for SRS Middle East and North Africa noted that Sims had outgrown its previous facility. The new enlarged facility has enabled the company to provide enhanced customer service and cut lead time significantly. The Jebel Ali facility will help Sims to cater to the growing demand for e-waste recycling and IT asset disposition services in the Middle East region, Phelan added.


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