The Medical Waste Treatment Institution Need to Be Regualted

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The output of Medical Waste in China is rising steadily. Recently, Hu Hualong, the deputy director of the solid waste and chemicals management technology center of the Ministry of ecology and environment, said in China's Forum on urban and regional ecological environment development,“China's medical waste disposal facilities are running under great pressure, and the load rate of 76 urban facilities has exceeded 100%".

Medical waste is different from ordinary domestic waste. It is infectious, pathological, damaging and chemical. It belongs to hazardous waste and can not be disposed without regulating. If the treatment of medical waste is not proper, it will not only cause serious adverse effects on the ecological environment, but also directly threaten the life safety of the Cityzen. At present, the technical route selection of medical waste disposal in China tends to diversify, and the two treatment methods widely used in most enterprises are high temperature steaming (high pressure) sterilization and incineration disposal. Medical waste incineration accounted for 70%, which has been widely adopted in the domestic market.

The Medical Waste Treatment Institution Need to Be Regualted

In 2017, the Ministry of Health issued the "notice on further standardizing the management of medical waste", which required the provinces and cities to complete the relevant standards for the treatment of medical waste as soon as possible. It is predicted that the market scale of medical waste disposal in China will reach 10 billion 737 million yuan in 2023, and the output will reach 2 million 495 thousand and 600 tons. On the one hand, the medical waste grow very rapid, on the other hand, the medical waste treatment and disposal facilities are facing more pressure. At present, the number of cities running over four consecutive years has expanded significantly, including the load rate of facilities in 76 major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hainan, which have exceeded 100%. From a national perspective, the medical waste disposal facilities in nearly 1/3 cities are at full load or overload.


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