Copper Wire Stripper Machine and Cable Granulator

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The Copper Wire Stripper Machine is a relatively advanced technology for processing waste cables. Waste cables (automotive cables, communication cables, etc., all kinds of cables with a diameter of less than 20mm, and various miscellaneous cables and cables that are not suitable for processing strippers ) The effect is very good. After a series of processing methods for waste cables, pure copper rice particles and plastic can be obtained. The so-called copper rice is copper particles whose mass is equivalent to that of electrolytic copper and can be used directly.

Copper Wire Stripper Machine
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The main indicators of the Copper Wire Stripper Machine are the purity of copper rice, the amount of copper remaining in the plastic skin, power consumption, environmental protection and production costs.

High-efficiency and energy-saving Copper Wire Stripper Machine is mainly manifested in: 1. no dust and no secondary pollution, protecting the environment; 2. integrating multiple advanced technologies in one, reducing human costs, improving production efficiency, and has higher economic benefits.


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