How to choose the cutter of copper wire recycling machine?

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As the core component of the copper wire recycling machine, the cutter plays a vital role. Many customers will ask me what material your copper wire recycling machine tool is before buying the equipment? I want a cutter made of Cr12MoV. The customer asking this question looks very professional, but in fact it is not clear what the actual situation is, let me introduce the situation of copper wire recycling machine tools to everyone.

Dry copper wire recycling machine

Dry copper wire recycling machine

Cutting tools are roughly divided into three categories. One type: ordinary white steel knives. This kind of knives are of ordinary material and soft in texture. Type II: Nine chrome silicon knife, 9CrSi, is a common material for making cold stamping dies, which is suitable for cutting tools with high wear resistance, less severe cutting and small deformation. Three types: chromium twelve molybdenum vanadium, namely Cr12MoV, also known as SKD-11 type tool, adding two elements of molybdenum vanadium to improve the toughness and wear resistance of steel, hardness is between 58-60, very hard.

The three tools listed above have their own advantages and disadvantages. The following briefly tells you which tool is suitable for what kind of line. Ordinary white steel knives will not be mentioned, no manufacturer will use this kind of low quality white steel knives. I will tell you about Nine Chromium Silicon and Chromium Twelve Molybdenum Vanadium. First of all, Nine Chromium Silicon cutters are quite satisfactory, and the texture is not soft or hard. It is suitable for most material wires. It is cheap and is popular among new and old users. The disadvantage is poor welding performance. The texture of chrome twelve molybdenum vanadium tools is hard, but if the wire to be decomposed contains harder materials such as screws and iron, it is easy to break the knife edge, and the price is half more expensive than nine chrome silicon. Old experienced customers generally only We will prepare a set, usually do not use chrome twelve molybdenum vanadium cutting tools. Due to the high price and cost, the maintenance is troublesome.

The basic situation of the tool is like this. Customers should choose the appropriate tool according to their actual situation when choosing a tool. If necessary, please contact us online!


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