The Cable Wire Recycling Machine is dedicated to environmental protection

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With the development of global economy, environment pollution becomes more and more serious. Air pollution, water pollution and the noxious waste pollution trouble us here and there.

What’s more, telecommunication develops extremely fast, which produced a lot of scrap cables. And the most common scrap cable is waste copper cable.

Without right processing method, waste copper cable may pollute the air, soil, and water. Unqualified waste copper cable processing will cause large amount of copper dust floating in the air. If the waste copper cable is buried in the soil, the crop can absorb it through its root. Thus, people’s health will be threatened if they eat the food which contains too much copper. Traditional wet-type waste copper cables processing will pollute the water, and water polluted by copper is harmful to human beings.

We want to breathe the fresh air, we want to drink the clean water and we want to get rid of the heavy metal pollution, but it seems rather difficult for us to reach such a goal because of the economy development. We won’t deny that developing economy may sacrifice the environment in some degree, but it is just hard to balance the environment protection and the economic development.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine is devoted to the environment protection and copper recycling. The equipment adopted international leading technology, with the function of dust collection and dry-type separation, a high degree of automation, high separation purity, low loss rate and all indexes suiting the environmental standards.

Now Cable Wire Recycling Machine is one of the best ways to recycle scrap copper wire. Zhengyang machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of environmental protection equipment. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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